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5-11-2012 | 0 comments

Seasonal Designer

Shades of green becoming a blaze of sunny yellow, orange and red, the chill in the wind replacing the warmth of the past few months and we bring out the sweaters and coats and prepare for the changing season. One of the many pleasures of living in Kentucky is the arrival and enjoyment  of the four seasons. This constant change–each season bearing its unique characteristics and suprising us with the unexpected–is what we all know is the only constant in life–Change is inevitable.

Design Ideas
  • A simple inexpensive way to give your kitchen a great new feel is to

  • Consider function first in designing your room.

  • Don’t automatically go to ‘ceiling white’ for your ceiling colors.

  • Find inspiration. Rather it be from your favorite sweatshirt, or your favorite piece of art.

  • Use all of the space not just the walls for your furniture placement.

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