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Shades of green becoming a blaze of sunny yellow, orange and red, the chill in the wind replacing the warmth of the past few months and we bring out the sweaters and coats and prepare for the changing season. One of the many pleasures of living in Kentucky is the arrival and enjoyment  of the four seasons. This constant change–each season bearing its unique characteristics and suprising us with the unexpected–is what we all know is the only constant in life–Change is inevitable.

Watching the leaves fall and planning my Thanksgiving meal gave me pause to realize that this inevitable change is what I have had the pleasure of creating in my professional life as an interior designer. Whether building a home from the foundation or tweaking accessories in a room, change is the result, which satisfies the restless need in all of us for “something different.” Even when unexpected moves are the reason for the new home, people always request some change from their previous environment, such as new colors, new wood tones for cabinets or simply a fresh accent color.

As I muse about “change”, and how innate the urge is in all of us, I also realized the constants that have prevailed through the years. Some styles and elements are always classics, some colors constantly appear, and then there is the constant cycle of colors and styles. It is these constants that give foundation to our change. Just as a tethered ballon moves freely but there is always the anchor, so our environments change, but come together  so beautifully founded in basic design principles.

So as the seasons come and go, so our environments go from season to season of our lives and passions. From my years as a designer, I look forward to sharing ideas, concepts, and amazing transformations through this blog. I have been encouraged to do this for some time, and I have prepared to begin this journey. Just like the seasons, this journal will change in format–but isn’t change what excites all of us?!

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